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Allergic to Milk?

So you've just found out you have a food allergy to dairy products and/or eggs. Where do you start? Milk products and eggs are very widespread in most Western cuisines and cultures and avoiding them can be something of a minefield.

I, for example, am from the UK, where a typical day's menu might go something like this:

You might start the day with a cup of tea (milk!) and a bowl of cereal (milk!), perhaps followed by a slice of toast (butter!). Maybe it's the weekend and you are treating yourself to a full English breakfast (eggs!).

For lunch, what could be more straightforward than a cheese sandwich (cheese!), or a jacket potato with tuna mayonnaise (eggs!)? If you're lucky, that might be followed with a slice of cake (butter! eggs!).

Then for dinner - traditional roast beef with yorkshire pudding (eggs!). Followed by apple pie (butter!) and custard (milk! eggs!).

Unfortunately for anyone allergic to dairy or eggs, the situation is very similar in most countries throughout the Western world. Whether you live in the US, Canada, Australia, or Europe, you'll probably find that milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt, eggs, or some derivative, have worked their way into a lot of foodstuffs that can be surprisingly hard to avoid.

Don't panic!

Soya Milk

You're probably getting the idea - dairy and eggs are everywhere. But don't worry - a dairy-free diet does not mean you have to miss out on eating the food you love. Best of all, if you do suffer from a food allergy you will no longer have to put up with the stomach problems/headaches/whatever other symptoms that have probably been making your life miserable.

Breakfast cereal tastes just as good with soya milk. Why not ask for an extra slice of bacon with your breakfast if you can't eat the eggs? Go for chicken sandwiches instead of cheese. It is even possible to make a sponge cake that is totally free of dairy and eggs (I know - I've tried it! See the bake-off).

Dairy-Free Me is here to help

So this is what Dairy-Free Me is all about. We want to share our experiences and tips with you to help you to enjoy a dairy-free diet. We've picked up on various bits of information through trial and error and our own experiments and investigations!

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